Our responses to these questions are based on our own practices and experiences owning our dogs. We are not qualified vets and we encourage you to ultimately seek advice from your veterinarian. 

How many treats can I give my dog?

Treats shouldn't make up more than 10% of your dogs' daily intake. 

Do you have any treats for cats?

Yes we do! They love the dried meats, particularly the chicken breast, lamb liver and whitebait. 

Why would a dog need grain free treats?

Some puppies have sensitivities to flour and oats which can be seen by itching and/or looser bowel movements. To allow these pups to enjoy a baked treat we use chickpea flour or coconut flour.

Where do you source your salmon?

We use tinned salmon and support only those companies with sustainable fisheries. 

A packet of treats are consumed so quickly. Is there anyway I can make them last longer?

Our huskies love their Kongs. We break up pieces of dried meat or fish and stuff them in a Kong which takes them some time to extract all their yummy treats. It not only makes the treats last longer but is great mental stimulation for them.

What is carob? It looks like chocolate.

Yes carob does look like chocolate but it's completely different and it's completely safe for dogs. It's naturally sweetened and we choose to order carob with no added sugar. It's also human grade so you can enjoy some too!

Where does the whitebait originate from?

We obtain the Whitebait from the local fish markets and is generally of NZ origin. 

Where does the kangaroo come from?

Our kangaroo loin comes from suppliers where the kangaroo is ethically sourced on an open range. 

Why do you use free range eggs? Why not just use cage eggs?

We support those companies that treat their chickens well and give them more space than those that are caged. Free range chickens are usually healthier and so produce healthier eggs too.

If my dog or I am unhappy can we send the products back?

Yes you can. We give a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We want you to be happy giving our treats and your pups to be happy to receive them. If your pup doesn't eat the treats then simply email or call us and we will arrange a way for you to return the products and have it replaced or refunded.

Do you make cakes for dogs?

We no longer offer cakes but we have cute birthday boxes available.

 If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us!