About The Doggie Bakery

 A home-made freshly baked treat always makes a day just that little bit special… 


Two sisters with a heap of love for dogs make up The Doggie Bakery.  

It all started many moons ago when we got our first dog Beau, a staffy x kelpie. We got him at 6 months old and fell in love with his soft eyes and hard wagging tail. That tail became known as the “whip” and was his way of showing us how much he loved having us around.


After Beau, our love for dogs only grew, and we now have three dogs between us. Denise the oldest sister has Cooper the moodle and Kylie has the two huskies, Kiba and Freja.

 Denise and Cooper

Denise and Cooper

Kylie with Freja (left) and Kiba (right).



And with our new family members came the idea for The Doggie Bakery.  


Our range of meats – no sugar, salt, preservatives, additives or fillers


Cooper’s skin and tummy sensitivities prompted us to design treats that he can safely and comfortably enjoy – and as for the huskies…Well, being the super- energetic dogs that they are, treats were the most effective way of training them!


Kiba enjoying a donut at his 1st Birthday Party


Not that we didn’t look around first to see if there was an easy fix – we’re busy people just like everybody else - we just couldn’t find anything that was good enough. We didn’t want our dogs eating the fillers we found off the shelves (does anyone even know what Potassium Sorbate is?!).


A list of ingredients found on chicken dog treats available at the grocery store

We wanted them to eat real food that would not only help them grow healthy and strong, but also be fun treats as we trained them in helpful behaviors (and yes, we admit, some adorable little tricks…let’s face it, there’s a bit of a cuteness factor involved).  

Freja shaking for a treat at our photoshoot


Our treats contain no sugar, salt, preservatives like the ingredient list we pictured earlier. They are hand-baked fresh with quality ingredients. We use wholegrain and grain free flours, free range eggs and organic ingredients when we can source them.


We invite you to wind down with your fur family with some Doggie Bakery treats - a home-made freshly baked delicacy always makes a day just a little bit special…