Kongs: Pups, playtime, and saving your couch

The perfect toy for your pup to enjoy our healthy, homemade treats longer…and off the couch.

We love our puppies; the furniture excursions, not so much! Our beloved huskies did this when I didn’t leave them a Kong (ie: a toy you can put treats in, because which active fun-loving dog doesn’t like to puzzle out their food?):

Kiba looking slightly suspicious…and Freja looking bored with it all


We thought we would share with you something we found helpful from this expensive experience ;) If you have an indoor dog, and would like your couch to stay intact, such an interactive toy may just be your best friend’s best friend.

(Disclaimer: We’re not being paid by Kong or anyone else for this. We’re happy to recommend any other brand with the design described below and to hear what you’ve found helpful. This is personal advice that has really helped us with keeping our pups happily entertained and fed.)

What pups love about puzzles

A Kong is a treat puzzle that provides your pup with mental stimulation and makes treats last longer. They come in various sizes and strengths depending on your pup’s size and chewing prowess.

They’re shaped like a cone with a large hole at one end to put treats in (and for pups to get out). A tiny hole at the other end prevents a vacuum (so your pup’s muzzle can’t get stuck).

There are a myriad of treat combinations you can place in the Kong. Coming into summer mine love their frozen yoghurt and fruit treats!


Sticking to the classics

Types of Classic Kongs avaiable


While there are a wide range of Kong toys, we’ve personally found the Classic Kong to be the most satisfying for our huskies (the other ones seem a bit too complicated - like us, our pups like their puzzles but not to have to work that hard for their treat! ;)).

Freja enjoying some dried of our 100% Chicken breast and 100% Kangaroo Loin in her extreme Kong


Kiba is still a puppy so he enjoys his dried meats in a puppy Kong


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