Best Treats For Training Dogs (And Cats)


When it comes to training our furry friends, one of the best ways to get them on board is by offering a little treat (or a bribe – let’s call it what it is) to help them along. Whether you’ve got an itty-bitty puppy, a not-so-itty-bitty puppy (let’s face it, all dogs are puppies no matter how big their size) or a clever kitty who’s not above learning how to shake hands or roll over, you’re going to need some edible reinforcement.


Maintaining learned behaviours and introducing new ones can be a much simpler process when you’ve got the right tools for the job. You need to use treats that are…


  • High value
  • Small in size
  • Easy to carry


What are high value treats?


When we talk about a ‘high value’ treat, we mean a treat that’s super special in your little fur baby’s eyes. A simple piece of kibble really isn't enough to get their attention and keep them interested. That’s why we offer treats here at The Doggie Bakery that are full of meaty goodness and are perfect for motivating any dog or cat  to learn both basic and challenging behaviours. They make training so exciting and enticing for pets of all shapes and sizes!


What are the best treats for training dogs and cats?


The treats we suggest using to train pups and kitties both young and old are…


100% Chicken Breast

Our 100% Chicken Breast treat is perfect for both dogs and cats! They absolutely love the chicken flavour which means they’re more likely to learn and maintain good behaviours because a tasty treat is on the line. These treats are sourced from our local butcher, hand-cut and dehydrated in thin, crispy pieces. They come in a large size but can easily be snapped up into smaller pieces and kept in a pocket for training purposes.


100% Lean Kangaroo

This 100% Lean Kangaroo treat is 100% free range, baby! Much like our chicken treats, the kangaroo meat is sourced locally, hand-sliced and dehydrated to make a crispy, crunchy training treat for dogs of all ages. Any larger pieces are able to be snapped into smaller bits to make them easier to carry. Kangaroo is also the perfect alternative for pets that have chicken allergies.


Chicken Twists

A winning combination of chicken liver and chicken breast form these delectable doggy Chicken Twists that are one of our best-selling items! The meaty,  chicken-y goodness is irresistible to pups (and some cats) making them the perfect training time leverage. They’re also easily broken into smaller pieces to carry in pockets.


Waffles loves our Chicken Twists!

Turkey And Kale Bikkies

With these bite-sized Turkey And Kale Bikkies (old size is pictured on the website) there’s no need to break them down into a smaller size – they’re already tiny enough to fit into a pocket. The health benefits of both kale and turkey come together to make a super yummy biscuit for dogs and cats alike.

Pumpkin Puppy Trainers

Now, these are the smallest bikkies in our range, but they definitely aren’t lacking in flavour! With the taste of naturally sweet pumpkin and natural peanut butter our Pumpkin Puppy Trainers are the perfect training treat for dogs. Although these treats are similar in size to regular kibble, they are filled with natural flavour and freshness and are 100% handmade with love!


Cleo loves our puppy pack - which includes Chicken jerky, Turkey and Kale Bikkies and Puppy Trainers

Sure, we all love spoiling our pups and kitties with a treat ‘just because’ but when it comes to reinforcing positive behaviours, introducing new behaviours or doing exercise training though, we always use our high value treats to make sure the training leaves a long-lasting impression on our furry friends.


As always, give your pup or kitty a huge cuddle from us!


Love Aunty K and Aunty D


Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about our high-quality treats for dogs and cats. We’re always happy to answer questions and suggest the best treats for your pet. 


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