Frozen Treat Ideas

With warmer weather upon us there are lots of ways we can help our pups stay cool. We can bring them inside and put a fan on, or air conditioner for those fortunate enough to have one, or maybe even provide them with a clam shell pool to have a bit of a dip in (plus or minus ice cubes)! There are lots of other things we can do to assist our furry friend, so here are our essentials over summer. 


To ensure our pups stay hydrated we always have about 4 bowls of water. Unfortunately our trouble makers have a habit of digging the water out of the bowl so we like to make sure there's extra!


Multiple bowls to ensure there's always a water source in case one is accidentally spilt....or intentionally dug!!! : D

Ice cubes added to the bowls act to keep it cool...or as a play thing! ; )


1. Kongs

There's so many ways to fill a Kong depending on your dogs preferences, most importantly is to make sure it is a healthy treat! We use plain greek yoghurt (it has minimal amounts of sugar) and add our pups' favourite fruit. You can also make some doggie ice cream (you can find recipes here - I find it best to put the Kong in a freezer safe cup so it stays upright and then place the filling in a zip lock bag and then snip the end off to pipe the contents into the Kong. Yay - No mess! Then just place the Kong and cup into the freezer. Easy! 


Yoghurt with raspberries

Carob ice-cream

2. Chicken Stock Treats

I love my silicone baking moulds, you can just pop the frozen treat straight out....providing your pup will give you the time to! If you feed your furbaby boiled chicken then save the stock and just freeze! You can add extra treats in there for a bit of a surprise if you like.

Frozen Chicken Stock - keeps them hydrated AND occupied!

3. Carrot sticks

If your furbaby loves carrot then you can just cut one into sticks and place in the freezer. You can do the same for slices of apple, or even place the apple in ice cubes. 

Frozen carrot sticks - a naturally sweet treat to cool your best pal

What frozen treats does your dog enjoy?


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