Featured Fluffs and their Faves - BertieB

Meet BertieB. This gorgeous boy lives with his mumma, Mel, up north in the beautiful Central Coast. 

"I’m the first and only child (of the 4 legged and 2 legged variety) in my family so needless to say I have my parents wrapped around my tail... I think you’d call my mum a helicopter parent.


Bertie with his birthday spoils last September

I’m your regular 17month old cavoodle, I love walks in the park and jumping on everyone that stops to say hello but my most favourite thing of all time is playing ball... I can jump, chase and chew those brightly coloured things all day... drives my parents crazy"
 Bertie sniffing out his yummy treats
"As you can guess I’m looked after extreme well and therefore I eat the best food and the best treats ever!!! Mum found this place called The Doggie Bakery online (cause we live out of Sydney)...they have the tastiest and healthiest treats... I think my favourite is the chickpea and pumpkin bikkie AND the salmon and dill... although I’ve been know to stop everything for a yoghurt drop or 2... mums favourite is the chicken twist cause I talk to it for an hour before I eat it!!!!!"
Bertie posing for his favourite Salmon and Dill Bikkie
"Thank you Kylie and Denise we love what you do!!!
We love you BertieB. Thanks for being our featured fluff ❤🐾

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