Featured Fluffs and their Faves - The K bunch

Kalese has three gorgeous fluffs in her bunch, Lupa, Lady and Sam. Kalese has been a wonderful customer of ours for some time and she shares with us the endearing traits her pups have for treats! 😂 This is what she says:

“I love the doggie bakery treats just as much as my dogs. Not only do I like supporting a local small business but I love knowing that they are made from the very best ingredients. My dogs are my children and I like knowing what I'm feeding them”

Lady loves her dried beef heart

“Lady is a bit fussy with her treats. She'll stare at them before gingerly taking it from your hand. It’s almost like she's checking to see if it's worth her time. However that is not the case with the dried beef heart. She absolutely loves it and will immediately do her best trick (shake) to get it”

Lupa goes loop-y for the fruit-y 

“Lupa loves all the treats so much. She is very much like a grumpy teenager in the mornings and it can be difficult to get her up and out when i leave for work. I'd often have to roll her out of the dog bed! Now all I have to do is shake one of the bags and she can't get out the door quick enough. She has a sweet tooth and is quite partial to the carob drops and fruit slices”


Sammy salivates for the salmon 

“Sam also loves all the treats but he particularly loves the salmon and dill biscuits. The moment I open the packet he can smell the wonderful salmon and immediately starts to drool. It was very hard to get a photo as he couldn't sit still with the delicious treat so close”


A big thanks to Kalese for sharing with us her beautiful fluffs and their favourite treats. We just love seeing them enjoy our treats ❤️🐾

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