Featured Fluff and their Faves - Cleo the mini labradoodle

Our new featured fluff for August is gorgeous girl Cleo. 

Cleo is a mini labradoodle, welcomed into her family shortly after her hooman-parents got married. Since COVID Cleo gets to spend lots of time at home with them which, of course, she is LOVING!!


Baby girl Cleo

She’s "very friendly, energetic, loves to be outside, she’s mischievous and a scavenger"!


Cleo is friendly, energetic, mischievous....and soooo cute!

It is important to Cleo's parents that she "is happy and having healthy and tasty treats is a part of that". Cleo's mumma, Gen, found out about The Doggie Bakery after a friend of hers bought one of our birthday boxes and posted it on social media.

Gen loves that we have a wide range of products, our prices are reasonable and she loves our packaging! (we're blushing with thanks)

Cleo's absolute favourite is our 100% Chicken Breast. Gen replaced Cleo's pigs ear chews with our hand-cut, homemade dried chicken breast after finding out how fatty those pig ear chews were!

"Pumpkin puppy trainers are helpful in training Cleo" , particularly handy when they go out on their adventures!

Cleo with her favourite 100% Chicken Breast, Pumpkin Puppy Trainers and Turkey and Kale Bikkies

We're so glad that Gen says our treat sizes are “generous" and our "quality is unmatched”

Sending a huge thank you to Cleo's mumma for her kind words and feedback. We love knowing that we are so trusted to provide healthy treats to such precious little puppies. 

Thanks also to you for reading. Please give your furbaby a cuddle from Aunty K and Aunty D. xo

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