Does your pet have an ouchy?

You may have a crazy pup like mine who has sustained an injury, or perhaps an older dog with arthritis, whatever caused your dog (or cat’s) pain, laser therapy may be helpful.

Just over a year ago my puppy Kiba sustained an injury at the dog park. X-rays revealed nothing and the diagnosis was made that is was a muscular injury. We thought it would just get better on its own, sadly it became chronic. We tried hydrotherapy and exercise programs which were helpful but the travel became too difficult to sustain. We also tried multiple supplements but the fussy puppy wouldn’t have a bar of them!

Then we came across laser therapy! Dr Kathryn is a Sydney vet who has a wholistic approach to pain management, and better yet, comes to you! We wanted to trial laser treatment to help Kiba tolerate his walks better and his playing sessions at the park but didn't want to restart him on pain medication. 

Kiba wearing his googles when receiving treatment.

Picture - Regener-vet Instagram

After 10 weekly laser sessions Kiba is now much improved. I’d say 90% of his pre-injury ability! Yay!! We also used the stem cell stimulation therapy that Dr Kathryn offered and we think it assisted in his recovery.

The next stage for KIba is focusing on home management using the LumaSoothe. 

Home treatment with the LumaSoothe


We're so delighted that Kiba has improved by using natural remedies and we highly recommend Dr Kathryn. She is a kind, thorough, wise and reliable vet. Feel free to contact her if you have any questions. 

Please note - All products and services were paid for by us. We did not receive any product or service for free in exchange for our opinion. Also, we are in no way endorsed by Regener-Vet. This blog is our honest opinion. 

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