Part 1 - Four doggie treats that can reduce the risk of arthritis

It’s not something we want to think about – our fun family member possibly having something as debilitating as arthritis. Still, it’s better to know the signs – and to take early steps to counter its progress. Even something as simple as treats can help!

How would you know? Symptoms to look out for

  • Reluctance to walk, run, use stairs, jump or play
  • Difficulty rising from rest
  • Stiffness (worse after rest)
  • Lameness (initially intermittent, then more constant, usually worse after rest)
  • Whelping or whimpering
  • Personality changes such as withdrawal or aggressive behaviour

If you think your dog may have arthritis, please see your vet for a diagnosis early and, if needed, obtain guidance on treatment.

How can treats help? It’s all about the inflammation

Just as we can eat foods that help stem inflammation (think of all those superfoods), a diet containing specific anti-inflammatories can help our pups – and these can taste really good!

We offer Green Lipped Mussels, Whitebait, Kangaroo Loin and Anti-inflammatory bikkies containing Omega-3 oils known to help curb the inflammatory process involved in arthritis.    

But my dog’s not that old! It’s not just about age

While age does play a role in predisposing one to arthritis, so too can the following factors:

  • breed
  • genetics
  • developmental orthopaedic disease
  • trauma
  • obesity

Future posts will examine these risk factors in more detail. 

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