Birthday Pack

Birthday Pack

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Spoil your pup with our new Birthday Pack

In this pack, your pup will receive a personalised bone cookie, a number cookie of the age they’re turning and two cute paw cookies, as well as a pack of 6 donuts, perfect to share with their friends! 
In the comments section in the order form please state your pups’ name, age, colour of the box and when you’d like to receive it by. 
Please give us about 5 days notice. 
Please also be mindful that the yoghurt is sensitive to heat and although we do our best to protect the items, there’s just nothing we can do to protect them on a very hot day!
Birthday cookies - carob chips, rice flour, whole grain oats, free range eggs covered in doggie safe fondant (sugar free, preservative free, contains grains) and no added sugar yoghurt. 
Donuts - wholemeal flour, whole grain oats, free range eggs, homemade chicken stock, covered in no added sugar yoghurt and natural sprinkles. 

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