Friends of The Doggie Bakery

Do you want AMAZING photos of you and your pups?

Sonia M Photography

Sonia took our product photos and photo shoot with our dogs and we think she did an awesome job!! If you would like to have keepsakes of the wonderful bond between you and your dog then see her website for details.



There are lots of beautiful puppies that need a home. Local animal shelters are a great place to start looking for that new family member. 

If you're particularly after an arctic breed:

Arctic Breed Rescue

If not:

Sydney Dogs and Cats Home


Does your pup have an ouchy?


If your beloved fur baby is struggling with pain or skin irritations then Dr Kathryn might be able to help using laser therapy. A blog will be coming soon discussing how this therapy has helped Kylie's dog Kiba. For more information please see her website:


Need help with marketing?

Juice Digital

If you run a small business like us then you know it takes time and energy to get your name out there! Ben from Juice Digital can make this process simple and cost effective! He has helped us increase our customer base and we have found him to be experienced, knowledgeable, friendly, efficient and effective!