Our product in the spotlight this month is our Grain Free Sweet Potato and Coconut Bikkies. We will share with you why we created this recipe and included the ingredients that we have. 

At the forefront of every biscuit recipe is making sure it is loaded with beneficial ingredients for your pup and our Grain Free Sweet Potato and Coconut Bikkies are a prime example. They contain Organic Coconut Flour, Sweet Potato, Organic Coconut Oil, Free range eggs and organic parsley. 

We use Organic Coconut Flour that is not only sensitive on tummies but also has an extensive nutritional profile! It is high in fibre (to assist digestive health and can decrease the risk of heart disease and some cancers) rich in medium chain triglycerides (healthy type of fat which has been shown to assist in weight loss, immune health, heart health and brain health) as well as plant based iron. It is great for dogs with diabetes or those with high cholesterol as it helps to regulate blood sugar levels. 

Sweet Potato is a great veggie for dogs as it is naturally sweet and appealing, but it also contains Vitamin B6, Vit C and Manganese; is high in dietary fibre and low in fat.

Organic Coconut Oil is great for a healthy skin and coat, helps improves digestion and decrease allergic reactions due to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Free range eggs are used as a binder but they are packed with protein and rich in many essential amino and fatty acids. 

Organic Parsley from our backyard is added to these bikkies to help as a breath freshener.

All these goodies together make our very popular, very delicious and super healthy Sweet Potato and Coconut Bikkies!