In Love with Doggie Tea

We adopted our 5-year-old husky after she was re-homed last year. She is such a gentle and loving girl but we soon found that she was having issues with her bowels. She had terrible flatulance (like, TERRIBLE) and constipation and so needless to say we were all a bit unhappy!

Initial research led me to try pumpkin and psyllium husk, due to their high fibre content, but this didn't seem to help our poor girl's belly. I did some further research to find another natural remedy and came across "Love Me" tea by Doggie Tea.


‘Love Me’ Doggie Tea


It contains Gingko, dandelion, dill, Siberian ginseng and rooibos...and that’s it! I was initially worried that my very fussy girl wouldn’t like it but thankfully she lapped it up and after a month we noticed she had almost no episodes of constipation or flatulence and we are all extremely thankful, not to mention relieved! We believe so strongly in the product that we now sell it at our market stalls!


Freja is a very happy pustomer!


For more benefits of Love Me tea go to their website


Please note we have not received payment or remuneration of any kind for this review, we just think it's awesome and want to share this natural remedy with you!




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