Essential Oils and Oral Health

After many enquiries about making a dental treat we’ve finally done it! Our friend and awesome vet @regener-vet provided an awesome essential oil blend that promotes dental health. The special blend of highest quality essential oils have been demonstrated to show benefits in boosting immune function, reducing inflammation, and minimising bacterial numbers in the mouth.

Ingestion of essential oils is a controversial topic, but one that warrants some discussion. Essential oils are commonly used in the food industry in small amounts as natural flavours. The potential danger of essential oil ingestion comes when using single oils at higher doses for prolonged periods of time, and the safety of individual oils for oral use varies greatly. Our bikkies contain very small amounts of the blend distributed across each batch, and can be safely given to dogs in treat quantities on a regular basis. We do not recommend that these bikkies be given to cats, as they are more sensitive to certain oils, and caution should be used in dogs with bleeding tendencies or epilepsy, however at the doses present, risks are minimal.

The oils and their functions:
Copaiba oleoresin – is a potent anti-inflammatory oil, which can help alleviate the painful symptoms of gingivitis and dental disease.
Peppermint oil – Peppermint essential oil not only is a wonderful breath-freshener through its distinctive odour, but it also is a potent anti-inflammatory and antibacterial oil, helping to control numbers of harmful oral bacteria
Myrrh – Myrrh has traditionally been used in the management of tooth and gum infections as it is a wonderful antiseptic, cleansing and anti-inflammatory oil
Clove – A potent anti-oxidant, clove is commonly used in the management of dental disease as it can provide relief from painful teeth and gums, and support immune function.
Thyme – this oil is very anti-inflammatory and a potent antimicrobial oil, and helps to support the immune system
Rosemary – An oil with wonderful antimicrobial function
Cinnamon – Promotes circulation, antimicrobial function, maintains a healthy immune system, helpful in maintaining oral health

Greeny goodness and other fresh ingredients and their functions:

Apples - with their skins on they contain quercetin, found to be a preventive and therapeutic agent in dental caries with anti-inflammatory effect against oral pathogens, as well as an antioxidant and anti-cancer agent. 1

Parsley - assists in reducing bad breath 2

Blueberries - high in polyphenols assists to inhibit bacterial growth in the mouth and its ability to form biofilms. Also decreases inflammation involved with gum disease. 3
Chlorella - assists in reducing bad breath 4
Green tea - a great allrounder green tea reduces inflammation, cavities, bacterial growth as well as helping increase gum health 5
Spinach - high in calcium helping to build tooth enamel. Also contains folic acid which may assist gum disease. 6

We absoluely love baking with this amazing essential oil blend. The smell in the kitchen is refreshing....and tempting! We hope that this new product eliminates the need for overly processed and unhealthy dental  treats that are commercially available.


Written by 

Dr K Stalder (Regener-vet) and Mrs K Marks (The Doggie Bakery)

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